BrainBuilder - Dr Fong Singapore Maths Summer Programs at GEMS

Join 2 tailored programs for GEMS World Academy students over the 2018 School Holidays Break.

Who is BrainBuilder & Dr Fong?

Dr Fong is the founder of BrainBuilder and author of the "My Pals Are Here" text and workbooks used in 80% of Singapore's primary schools since 2001. He was at Singapore's National Institute of Education for 24 years and he opened the BrainBuilder centres 10 years ago to allow students to learn the Singapore Maths approach even if their schools didn't teach it. BrainBuilder has offered a ECA at GEMS Singapore 2-3pm every Friday.

Discover Maths in the World:  

Competition Maths Preparation: 9-13 July, 9-3pm. 

12 person minimum. A basic test will be assessed before admittance. 

For students who wish to be challenged and learn maths strategies to be able to solve maths olympiad type competition problems. (eg. KMC, ICAS, SASMO)

The class will be held for 10-12 year olds.

Participants will learn various strategies and apply them to solve challenging maths problems at competition levels. Through the BrainBuilder intensive training students will be able to gain knowledge to participate in various math competition. 

 20 person minimum per group level

Group 1:  6-9 year olds. 

  • Morning sessions will cover concepts of directions, numbers, data handling, graphs interpretation and concepts of combination.
  • Afternoon sessions consists of activities and applications and word problems related to concepts.
  • The day will finish with games related to the concepts of the day.

Group 2: 10-12 year olds.

  •  Project workshop to integrate the maths concepts towards a workshop project of topics including four operations, fractions, budgeting, estimation, percentage, ratio, area, perimeter, surface area, circles, tessellations etc.
  • Learning the concepts and applying to a real life situation relatable to the world of a 10-12 year old e.g. design your own bedroom and plan your birthday party.

2-6 July, 9-3pm. 

Cost: $800/student

6-8 August, 9-3pm. 

Cost: $480/student

Cost: $1,000/student

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More info on BrainBuilder

BrainBuilder was established in 2005 by Dr Fong Ho Kheong. He spent 24 years at Singapore's National Institute of Education and wrote the textbook, My Pals Are Here that are used in 80% of the government primary schools in Singapore. The American version is published under the Math in Focus name and is used in over 1,000 US schools and in the UK, it's published under Inspire Maths.  You can read more about Dr Fong and BrainBuilder on our website. 

Since March 16, 2018, BrainBuilder has conducted an ECA at GEMS World Academy Singapore on Fridays 2-3:30pm for Grades 1-5. Please reach out via email if you would like further information on this regular maths enrichment programme at the school.

July 2-6:  Discover Maths in the World 

July 9-13: Competition Maths Prep

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